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International catalogue of FEFCO packages

The packages have been divided and described in the international catalogue of FEFCO packages – created by FEFCO organization (European Federation of the Manufacturers of Corrugated Cardboard). The organization, with its headquarters in Brussels – and which was established in 1952 – focuses national associations of corrugated cardboard manufacturers at the European level. One of the goals of its activity is the development and promotion of new solutions provided by the manufacturers of corrugated cardboard as well as assistance in communication between manufacturers of packages and market of consumers.

The catalogue of the basic patterns of cardboard packages created by FEFCO aims at replacing of the complicated descriptions of package structures made of cardboard (corrugated and solid) with simple symbols commonly understood all over the world, regardless of the linguistic differences. This catalogue constitutes a very useful tool used by the cardboard manufacturers all over the world.

FEFCO catalogue distinguishes 8 basic groups of cardboard packages:

- 01 rolls and sheets.

- 02 flap boxes.

- 03 telescopic boxes.

The telescopic boxes consist of more than one part and are characterized by cover and/or bottom, which overlap with the application of the telescopic method.

- 04 folded boxes and trays.

Folded boxes and trays usually consist of only one format. The bottom of the box is folded in such a way, which allows for creation of two or more side walls and a cover. Some patterns may include closures, handles, windows, etc.

- 05 sliding boxes.

These boxes consist of several parts (internal parts and jackets), which may be slid one in the other in different directions. This group also encompasses jackets for other boxes.

- 06 permanently joined boxes.

Permanently joined boxes consist of two separated final parts as well as body and require sewing or similar operation before their exploitation.

- 07 glued one-part boxes.

These boxes are glued and usually consist of one part. They are delivered in a folded state and are ready for exploitation after a simple assembly.

- 09 internal package equipment.

Equipment of internal boxes, such as inserts, separators, trusses, filling inserts, etc. constitutes elements connected with constructions of box or others.

These boxes generally consist of a single part. Their edge is glued, sewn or connected with the application of adhesive tape as well as have upper and bottom flaps. The most popular types of flap boxes are the following:

FEFCO 0200

FEFCO 0201

FEFCO 0202

FEFCO 0203

FEFCO 0204

FEFCO 0205

FEFCO 0206

FEFCO 0207

FEFCO 0208

FEFCO 0209

FEFCO 0210

FEFCO 0211

FEFCO 0212

FEFCO 0214

FEFCO 0215

FEFCO 0216

FEFCO 0217

FEFCO 0218

FEFCO 0225

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